“How Did I End Up Here? 
I Said I'd Never Groom Cats!”

Groom Expo West Pasadena, California



FEBRUARY 15-18, 2018

Connie Buchanan

How Grooming Cats Has Become One of the BEST Business Decisions I Have EVER Made!

I am so over-the-top excited to have the opportunity to share with you my journey to cat grooming and how it has become one of my best business decisions. In this seminar, we will take a serious look at the cat grooming business- analyzing the pros and cons, evaluating the business (income) opportunities (whether it be as a separate grooming business or one in combination with dog grooming), eliminating fears and negative paradigms of feline grooming through education and the sharing of techniques, and most of all recognizing the absolute need from a feline’s health perspective for these services to be available to the cat owning public! If you are one of those groomers like me, who said “I’d never groom a cat”, or someone who is thinking about the possibilities, this seminar is for you! Together we will claw our way through the world of feline grooming and have fun and laughs too! How can you not laugh at the narcissistic nature of the cat?


6 Ninja Techniques to Use on Cats, That Would NEVER Work on Dogs; The Difference Between Success & Failure and Becoming a True Feline Ninja Warrior! 

Join us for a live cat grooming demo where Brittney, our cat grooming ninja, and Certified Feline Master Groomer will display:

·      How to assess a cat

·      How to uniquely handle a cat once assessed

·      Tips on products

·      Tips on tools and equipment

·      Tips on techniques such as crisp lines, dematting, and fou-fou finishing to achieve “cat-show-ready” results

·      And most importantly the steps on how you too can become a successful Ninja Cat Groomer


Cats are Not Dogs and Dogs are Not Cats- So Why Would We Ever Think We Can Groom Them Using the Same Techniques?

I was born a dog groomer.  I never considered grooming cats at one time.  However, today I am a converted cat groomer who has learned many hard lessons along the way!  Being an owner of both a feline and canine salon, I can confidently share that the biggest mistake any groomer can make is to think these two creatures have anything in common in the pet grooming world!  In this seminar, I will share the differences in cat vs dog in the following ways:

·    Cat vs dog physiology

·    Cat vs dog psychology

·    Cat vs dog grooming techniques

·    Cat vs dog grooming tools & equipment

·    Cat vs dog; differences to the groomer in regards to physicality, scheduling, income and more

Join me for a fantastic hour where it will quickly become evident the importance of knowledge on what makes the dog and cat unique and how acquiring this knowledge can make the difference to cat grooming success!


How I Got A Large Cat Following on a 6-8 Week Schedule

Working less and making more is the best Cat Grooming secret!  I will share the strategies our salon PreZoomably Cats: Feline Groomz & Roomz has implemented to keep the cats coming through our doors.  Are you “Feline Adventurous”?  If so join me on my journey and I will walk you through how we achieved a wondrous feline clientele and how we keep them coming back.  We will take a good look at the numbers and the impact of a successful cat grooming business.  This seminar will include some ideas to building client relationships and tips on promotions via social media we have found highly successful!