Canine Quick Start Pet Stylist Program

Theory 55 Hours: Completed at home online       

Practicum  425 Hours: completed at the academy




This program is to be taken after the Assistant Groomer Program as it furthers the students understanding in the importance of bathing, drying and finishing skills, and expands their learning into the basic skills of grooming in accordance to the standards set out by the Canadian Kennel Club. Health, anatomy and diseases will be studied. Business skills will be introduced in this program to assist any future groomers in establishing their own grooming business or building their clientele within an established salon.


The objective of this program is to facilitate strong skills in professional grooming and allow students who have completed this course to enter the industry with confidence and success. The graduate of this course will display exemplary skills in grooming techniques, customer service, time management, business smarts and more.


Theory Syllabus

  • Recognizing breeds of the Canadian Kennel Club and their specific characteristics, and coat requirements.
  • Understanding Clippering Skills- use of Clipper Combs, Various Blades, Reverse Clipping, Use of Clipper Vac
  • Understanding Advanced Speed Techniques
  • Understanding Advanced Scissoring & Thinning Techniques
  • Recognition of CKC Patterns and How to Create Them
  • Discussing and Interpreting Creative Patterns for Mixed Breeds
  • First Aid- Acquiring Knowledge to Accommodate First Aid Needs & Certification
  • Recognizing causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of various Zoonotic Diseases.
  • Recognizing parasites and their symptoms, and elimination procedures in the grooming salon.
  • Understanding how to correct faults in all breeds including mixed breeds.
  • Understanding the use of colors, products for Creative Grooming.
  • Identifying the need for incredible presentation in your services and yourself!
  • Client Relations- Communication skills
  • Mobile, Owning My Own Business, Working in a Salon- Pro’s and Cons to All
  • Running a Business and Keeping/Attracting Clientele/ Referrals
  • Business Techniques- including multi-media, advertising, promotions etc.
  • Understanding the importance of a business plan

Practicum syllabus

  • Hands on Advanced Bathing/ Drying/ Handling Techniques
  • Higher Recognition of Various Products/ Tools for Amazing Trims
  • Carding and Stripping the Wire Coat Breeds
  • Pattern Setting for all groups of dogs including mixed breeds
  • Higher Level of Clippering Skills, and use of Clipper Vac
  • Higher Level of Scissoring, Thinning & Finishing Techniques
  • Identifying Faults and Correcting them
  • Within the Walks N’ Wags First Aid Course you will be applying your knowledge to “Dummy” Dogs as a Hands-On Program
  • You will be providing customer service and practicing your customer communication with your own- hands-on dogs


  • Grade 12 Diploma
  • Canine Assistant Groomer Program
  • Grooming is a very physical job- although we have tables, tubs etc. that aid in the lifting of dogs, a groomer still must have physical strength and endurance to lift and stand for long periods of time.

tuition $5367

registration $250

books $276

tools & other $690


= total $6645