Canine Assistant

Groomer Program


Theory:      20 Hours
Practicum:  60 Hours
Program:    2   Weeks


 The most important aspects of any groom are the bathing and drying techniques. Students will focus on handling of dogs, as well as basic prep grooming. Skills include; bathing techniques, de-shedding, brushing/combing, nails, cleaning ears, sanitary trims, condition evaluation, and introduction to equipment and products. The students will also be introduced to the various breeds and coat-types.


 The objective of this program is to educate and prepare the student with the knowledge required to be qualified to enter into the dog grooming industry as a Grooming Assistant / Bather Brusher for any Professional Grooming establishment.


  • Groomer & Pet Safety
  • Grooming Equipment Selection & Care
  • Anatomy & Behaviour
  • Breed Standards of the Canadian Kennel Club
  • Proper Handling Techniques
  • Challenging Pets
  • Special Care of Young & Old Pets
  • Customer Service
  • Business Smarts


  • Understanding Canine Language
  • Handling- Control Techniques
  • Understanding and Recognition of the Anatomy of the Canine
  • Use of Tools of the Trade
  • Use of Products of the Trade
  • Practicing Sanitation Procedures
  • Recognition of Various Coat Types
  • Practicing and Mastery of Bathing Techniques for the Various Coat Types
  • Practicing and Mastery Drying Techniques for the Various Coat Types
  • Ability to Provide Condition Evaluation
  • Practicing and Mastery of DeShedding Techniques
  • Ability to Complete with Mastery Prep Work (Nails, Pads, Ears, Teeth, Sanitary Trims)
  • Creating Beautiful Feet on Natural/ Brush Out/ Shedding Dogs
  • Creating Finishing Touches For Amazing Client Presentation


  • Grade 12 Diploma
  • Grooming is a very physical job - although we have tables, tubs etc. that aid in the lifting of dogs, a groomer still must have physical strength and endurance to lift and stand for long periods of time.
Apex Academy Professional Grooming School


Tuition         $ 1410
Registration $ 125
Workbooks  $ 219
Tools           $ 1646
Video Membership  $ 62